Shore Lunch Options - Beer-Battered & Deep Fried Walleye and/or Bass with Traditional Keyamawun Potatoes

It's $35 per two people. This is extra on top of my regular guiding fee. I had to increase the price because the cost of cooking oil skyrocketed.

Fresh Crispy Beer-Battered Walleye: I make a traditional fish batter just like the aboriginal people did hundreds of years ago. I buy pancake mix and add spices. I then mix in the beer or water to get the perfect thickness based on the size of the fish we are cooking.

Keyamawun Potatoes: I cut up the potatoes into small cubes and deep fry in Sun Flower Seed oil or Vegetable oil over a fire (depending on what's available in town). The oil has to be so hot it's about to explode. That's how I get the potatoes crispy. When the potatoes are almost finished I throw in chopped-up onions. Instead of deep fried potatoes I can make mash potatoes.

Canola: I do not use Canola Oil. CANOLA is an acronym for "Canadian Oil Low in Acidity". It's a genetically engineered plant and a major cause of the obesity and allergy epidemics in North America as well as many other health problems. It's being quietly removed from all the big fast food chains and quietly being removed from many processed foods. If you have heart issues and your doctor told you to use Canola Oil then I will use it. You need to tell me in advance.