Frequently Asked Questions

Walleye Do you sell fishing licenses?
Yes. We are setup as a license dealer. You can also go online to the Ontario Government website to purchase a license. You can do this from your home prior to coming to the lodge. Please remember to bring your old Outdoor Card, even if it has expired, we still need your number. If you don't have the number, I would suggest you try to contact the government from home prior to making the trip. You can buy or renew your fishing license by clicking here.

What is American Plan?
We offer two types of rentals. On the American Plan, we provide all the lodging, meals and linens at a fixed price per person. Our other option is a Housekeeping Plan. On the housekeeping we rent the cabin. You are responsible for your own meals, bed sheets, towels, consumables (garbage bags, soaps, coffee filters etc.)

Can I rent an American Plan cabin but do my own meals?
Yes. The American Plan cabins have no cooking facilities, fire pits or areas to clean dishes. If you have a means to prepare your own meals (bbq /prepared meals) you can still rent the cabin.

If I'm in Housekeeping can I still buy a meal at the lodge?
You can arrange to have a meal at the lodge but you need to provide us 24-hour notice of your intensions. Some of our meals are prepared in advance or need to be defrosted.

How many people can fit in the cabin?
All the cabins are different. See the ratings for each cabin in the cabin section of the website. Each cabin has a limit that should not be exceeded. Overcrowding the cabins created a safety issue and also results in making it uncomfortable for the rest of the guests

Can I see the lake from my cabin?
Most of the older cabins are closer to the water and have a better waterfront view.

Is there WIFI and cell phone reception?
We have added several routers to try and improve the WIFI signal. The signal is good at the lodge but can get lost the further you are away from the lodge. We have also added some direct hookup lines to the routers in the lodge and have a computer available for use. Cell phone reception can be picky at the lodge. Some carriers work and some don't. You can usually get better reception when you go out on the lake or if you drive to the top of the hill on the road to the lodge. We also have a public phone at the lodge and do sell calling cards.

Do you take credit cards?
Yes, we are now hooked up for credit cards. We only accept MasterCard or Visa and we do charge a 3% usage fee. We also accept cash, cheque and debit at no fee. All of our invoices are printed in both US$ and Canadian$ for your convenience.

Are there any barbecues?
We do provide barbecues for the Housekeeping cabins only. The American plan cabins have no need as the meals are done in the lodge and there are no cleaning facilities for the barbecues.

Are there any fire pits?
At this time, there is only one fire pit for cabin 7. We are looking at adding a communal fir pit close to the boat ramp. We do allow fires down on the beach later in the year when the water level is lower.

Do you allow Pets?
We do allow dogs at the lodge. We do have a fee for dogs (see current price list) and it is expected that you clean up after your dog. Please let un know in advance if you are brining any pets.

Are there bugs and mosquitos?
Yes. We are in the country. We do get our share of Black flies, mosquitoes, Deer flies and mice. Most of our units now have screened porches and we do recommend you bring some spays, at least early in the season. Later in the season they are not so bad.

Can I charge my boat at the dock?
Yes. We recently added power to the docks to try and reduce the number of long extension cords.

Do you sell gasoline?
Yes. We only have one supply tank and can only provide unleaded gas.

Do you sell bait?
Yes. Depending on availability. We usually always have night crawlers. We get a supply of leeches early in the year but sometime sell out before the end of the season. Minnows are not usually available in mid summer as the don't survive the warmer lake temperatures.

Do you do a fish fry at the Lodge?
We can do a fish fry if requested and you provide the fish. We would not be allowed to be in possession of a large amount of fish that would be needed to supply the lodge. If you wish to request a fish fry you need to give us a couple of days' notice and provide the fish (cleaned). We can also put together a package if you plan on doing a shore lunch on one of the islands.