Jay's Fishing Story


It was in the second week of June 2014, still in the "off-season" time of the season that I and two of my friends were fishing out of my boat in the upper part of Crotch Lake. This was the first time my friends were to Canada on a fishing trip. We were trolling along a weed bed about 40 feet off shore and since they had not fished this way before I was paying more attention to them than I was to my own rod which was in a rod holder off the right side of my center console. All of a sudden my rod was jerked out of the holder into the water. We all thought my plug got caught in the weeds so we made several passes along the weed bed using a large treble hook hoping to snag the line and at least retrieve my rod, but with no avail. I just felt it was one of those unfortunate things that happen and wrote if off as a loss.

Two days later we were in the same area so I decided to give another try with a treble hook to search for the line from my rod. The first pass had no results but I said to my friends I wanted to make one more pass. About half way along the weed bed I thought I got snagged in the weeds but then I noticed a line hanging over the hook. My friend took one side of the line and I started to pull in the other. As my friend pulled in his side he said something is on the line. To our surprise it was a 26" Northern and as I pulled in the other side, there was my rod.