Shore Lunch Options - Fresh Baked Walleye Stuffed with Traditional Turkey Stuffing or vegitables

It's $35 per two people with mash potatoes or deep fried potatoes.

Please Note: If you have a health condition and have a concern with bread/wheat; I can make a stuffing with vegetables. I Sauté sun-dried tomato and oregano dressing with diced mushrooms, onions and peppers until it's a little on the dry side and then use that as stuffing. It's very good. Veggie stuffing is a $5 upgrade ($40) because of the high cost of vegetables in Sharbot Lake.

1) We catch some Walleye and turn them into boneless fillets.

2) I smear butter on the foil and then sprinkle with salt, pepper, poultry seasoning and lemon juice.

3) I place the Walleye fillets on the butter and spices

4) I place the stuffing on top of the fillets

5) I place more Walleye fillets on the stuffing

6) I wrap the Walleye in the foil and then "seem down" I place the package on a second sheet of foil

7) I roll the edges of the foil up and then squeeze good and tight so the butter does not run out

8) I place the packages on the grill about three inches above the charcoal. If you use thick fillets place the grill four inches above the grill and cook a little longer. In this case I cooked the fish three inches from the charcoal for five minutes on one side and then flipped it and cooked for another five miutes. Then I flipped twice again cooking for 2 minutes on each side. Then I move it to the side while I cook mash potatoes.

9) I open the package with a sharp knife and serve