Welcome to Land O' Lakes Lodge

We are a family owned fishing lodge at the southern end of Crotch Lake, which is in the Frontenac Highlands, and within the boundaries of a giant nature preserve called the North Frontenac Parklands. It's the most beautiful region in Eastern Ontario with wonders of nature challenging any provincial park. Crotch Lake is one of the few unpopulated lakes left in this part of Canada that is surrounded by Crown Land. Add excellent accommodations, delicious home cooked meals, fantastic fishing and breathtaking scenery and you have a recipe for a perfect northern outdoor vacation. The closest town is Sharbot Lake, Ontario; only fifteen minutes south, and larger towns only one hour away.

Crotch Lake has fantastic fishing for Walleye, Smallmouth Bass, Largemouth Bass and Northern Pike. Our main fishing pages and our fishing tips and tactics pages will give you a greater understanding of the lake, which will add to your fishing success. On land we have horseshoes, bocce ball, hiking and bike trails. In the Lodge we have a selection of books, magazines, puzzles, games and toys. Within driving distance of the lodge are many more attractions and activities such as museums, horseback lessons & riding trails, farmer's market, golf, brewery tours, movie theater and more.

Walleye Fishing:

Crotch Lake is one of the best inland Walleye lakes in Eastern Ontario. Many of the Walleyes that you catch will be over twenty inches, and there are some up to thirty inches. The lake is best known for its bass fishing, as not many guests fish for Walleye. This has left us with an un-exploited resource. Last summer we had three guests catch one hundred and eighty Walleyes in a week, along with bass and pike. That is fabulous Walleye fishing even for lodges hundreds of miles farther north.

Smallmouth Bass Fishing:

Crotch Lake is one of the best Smallmouth Bass fishing lakes in all of Ontario. Some of our guests catch over fifty Smallmouth Bass per day. Not only does Crotch Lake offer high numbers; the lake produces many big Bass. Smallmouth Bass in the one to four-pound range are common, but many guests have caught five and six-pounders during a week of fishing. A lake this size with its many shoals, islands and rocky points likely has some Smallmouth exceeding seven pounds.

Largemouth Bass Fishing:

It's hard to believe that Largemouth Bass, being known as a southern game fish, can be found in such great numbers and sizes this far north but it's true. Traditionally Largemouth Bass were mostly caught in the smaller lakes that are connected to Crotch Lake but they could not be contained. In the last ten years the Largemouth Bass population has exploded and the really big bass have moved out to the big lake where the abundance of food is allowing them to get even bigger. They are most common in the fifteen to eighteen-inch range but many Largemouth up to twenty-three inches have been caught-&-released. Even though their population is growing fast at this point you will not catch as many as the smallmouth but you can expect to catch some nice size Largemouth Bass.

Northern Pike Fishing:

Crotch Lake is a big lake and big lakes produce big fish and Northern Pike is no exception. We have monster Northern Pike in our lake. In the shallows you can catch pike up to twenty-six inches all day. If you move out to the points leading into weedy bays you will have a great chance at catching a fish in the twenty-seven to thirty-six-inch range. On Crotch Lake the giant Northern Pike are deeper and use the sunken reefs as launching pads to intercept baitfish. There are some Northern Pike caught in the forty to forty-three-inch range. Thanks to catch-&-release by our guests, more and more trophy Northern Pike are caught each year.


All of our cabins are available for rent in either our American Plan or Housekeeping Plan. Our cabins sleep between three and seven people. Some cabins are fully equipped with everything you need to cook your own meals. Some of the cabins have no kitchens and are more suited to our guests that prefer to have us take care of the cooking and cleaning. All the cabins are well furnished, have three piece washrooms and all have electrical hookups. If you choose American Plan you will be welcomed into the main lodge where delicious home cooked meals are skillfully prepared and served to you by our friendly staff. The atmosphere of the main lodge gives you that wholesome feeling of traditional Canadian hospitality.

Boat & Motor Rentals:

We have a selection of boats and motors for our guests to rent if they do not want to bring their own. We have a selection of fourteen-foot fishing boats with 9.9HP Mercury motors up to sixteen-food Lund Rebels with center console and 50HP four-stroke Mercury motors or sixteen-foot Alumacraft with 50HP four-stroke Yamaha motors.

Our resort is casual and relaxing. Our family and staff are dedicated to making your vacation exactly what you imagined and wanted. Please have fun exploring our website.

Best Regards
Alan & Laura