Crotch Lake Fishing Guide

Walleye Land O' Lake Lodge in CLOSED permanently: Land O' Lakes Lodge is now a summer camp for kids.

My name is Gary. I live a short distance from Crotch Lake. I run an Internet business specializing in designing websites for tourism businesses with a main focus on fishing lodges. It's my full-time job but I do have time to guide. I bring you to the hotspots and show you what baits and techniques are working at that time of year. Weather you are staying in local accommodations or just coming for the day we will have a lot of fun

Bookings: I am taking bookings for 2022. Please email me or you can phone me at (613) 335-5383.

How Long is the Day:
I am very flexible as far as how long the day is. A standard full day is usually fishing until you have had

• Full day is $175 US or $220 CND - usually 8 to 10 hours depending on the time of year and the length of the day in regards to sunlight.

• Half day is $110 US or $140 CND - usually 4 to 5 hours.

Shore Lunch:
It's $25 for two guests. For bigger groups we can work something out with the cost of buying extra food. I only make shore lunch on full day guides.

I traditionally made deep fried Walleye and potatoes. New on the menu is stuffed baked Walleye over charcoal. So far everybody that has had it loves the stuffed Walleye and it's healthier that deep fried. Bass and Perch in Crotch Lake also taste fantastic.

My Boat:
I have a 16.5' Naden Big Fish with a 15hp Mercury Motor. I can only take two adults with me and maybe a child. If you have a larger group; your friends can follow us in other boats.

Walleye Regulations:
Walleyes need to be between 16" and 19.5" to keep. Anything smaller or bigger must be let go. This new style of regulation is working wonders as far as the Walleye population increasing. The fishing gets better every day. You can keep 4 with a sports license and 2 with a conservation license.

Local Accommodations:
Tumblehome Lodge on Crotch Lake
Hungry Lake Lodge (30 minutes west - Arden)
Book a Campsite on Crotch Lake
Sharbot Lake Inn (15 minutes south)
Maple's Cottages in Sharbot Lake (15 minutes south)

If you are staying at Tumblehome Lodge I will meet you at the dock. If you are camping I'll pick you up at your campsite. I meet all others at the public boat launch at the south end of the lake. The boat launch is on Crotch Lake Access Road. It's 2 km past Tumblehome Lodge if you have turned left onto Ardoch Road from Road 509. There is a large parking lot.

Washrooms on Crotch Lake: Crotch Lake is within the North Frontenac Parklands and has recently been classified as a biodiversity wilderness region and is now fully protected. Hundreds of people each year canoe down the Mississippi River and stop and camp on Crotch Lake for a night or two. There are many backcountry campsites dotted along the shore of the lake. Each campsite has an "Out", which is an outhouse without the house part. Some people call them thunder boxes. Each campsite will have a trail leading to the out, which is placed in a spot for privacy. In most cases it is easy to find an empty campsite where you can go if you need to.

About Me:
My father was a fishing fanatic. As a kid I grew up freezing cold standing in the middle of the Saugeen River casting for Rainbow Trout in early spring & late fall. My mom was a high school teacher and had summers off so she and I spent many summers at the cottage (Pigeon Lake near Bobcaygeon) where all I did was fish for Walleye, Muskie & bass. During high school I started guiding for lodges in the far north and eventually found myself at a 5-star fly-in fishing lodge about 600 miles north-west of Thunder Bay, where I worked for many seasons. I guided along side many Cree guides who showed me a lot of Walleye fishing tricks.

On Crotch Lake I like to focus on Walleye. There is also great bass and pike fishing but most people hire me to get the Walleyes because even though there are tons and tons of Walleyes in the lake; they can be tricky to catch because they are always on the move. The reason they are always on the move is because the water level in Crotch Lake slowly drops all summer as they let more water into the river to keep water levels high enough for canoeing down stream. I still guide for pike and bass if that is what you want.

You cannot under any circumstances have open alcohol in the boat. The fines in Ontario for open alcohol in a boat are monstrous.

I only accept cash. I supply the gas for my boat & worms for the people in my boat. In most cases guests are using and losing my fishing tackle. I have a really good Nikon camera and will take high-quality photos (16 megapixel) of you and your fish.