Local Accommodations near Sharbot Lake and Crotch Lake


Tumblehome Lodge on Crotch Lake

Rock Hill Bed & Breakfast in Sharbot Lake (20 minutes south)

Hungry Lake Lodge (40 minutes west - Arden)

Book a Campsite on Crotch Lake

Sharbot Lake Inn (20 minutes south)

Lehlewa Lakeside Retreat (20 minutes south on Sharbot Lake)

Sharbot Lake Provincial Park (20 minutes south)

Tay Inn (Perth) (40 minutes East)

If you are staying at Tumblehome Lodge I will meet you at the dock. If you are camping I'll pick you up at your campsite. If you are camping in the north end (north of Three Sister's Islands); it's an extra $10 for the extra gas I will use.

All others need to park at the public boat launch at the south end of the lake. The boat launch is on Crotch Lake Access Road. It's 3 km past Tumblehome Lodge's turn-off (Lodge Road).

Parking: Based on Tumblehome Lodge's insurance policy; if you are not a guest of the lodge you cannot park at the lodge or walk on lodge property. You will need to park at the public boat launch off of Ardoch Road where I will meet you. You can buy a park day-pass here ($9.50). Directions to boat launch on Google Maps.