Shore Lunch Options - Crispy Walleye Fish Fajitas (Fishjita) with Tar Tar Sauce, Tomatoes, Cheese & Asian or Caesar Salad

Options: No side dishes needed. You can also use Pita Bread. The secret to Pita Bread is to butter the bread and then heat it up over charcoal. A cold Pita Bread right out of the package tastes like cardboard. It has to be heated.

1) Grab a flat bread (tortilla) and place cheese, diced tomatoes and Tar Tar sauce on the tortilla.

2) Place a hot crispy deep-fried piece of Walleye on the cheese to melt the cheese.

3) Add a little Asian Salad or Caesar Salad and roll up and eat. Asian Salad is much better but it's not always available in Sharbot Lake.

Below is Dan Kano, winner of the 2020 Bay of Quinte Walleye Tournament, about to dig into a fresh Fishjita.